Fares Changes

published :Thursday, April 06 2017

Some of our fares will change on Tuesday 25 April. We want to encourage customers to purchase tickets in advance in order to speed up boarding times and prevent delays to other passengers and the service. We have kept the changes to a minimum and around 70% of our fares have been frozen.

Our centrefare ticket available direct from the driver will be £2.20, the first increase in five years, however you can avoid this change by buying a centrefare m-ticket on our app for £2 (adult). Other main cash fares are all frozen including all young person's BusID SAVER tickets and special single fares, short hops, the main £2.50 city wide single and the 1 day citySAVER and networkSAVER.

Prices are changing on some of our out of city fares, networkSAVERs and longer term citySAVERs. All mobile and key card tickets of between 1 day and 7 day citySAVER tickets are frozen, as are pay monthly tickets on the key card and Duo, Quattro and Family m-tickets. For more details click here.

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